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It’s time to have an honest conversation regarding the topic of medical AI and robotics. We have compiled a series of educational videos, interviews, and podcasts of interesting conversations around this topic.

We hope you can take on this journey with us, to discover something new, perhaps surprising, or even learn something along the way. 

Improving knowledge of medical AI and robotics


  • To educate and prepare people for the future world with AI technology

  • To better inform the general public about the benefits and potential risks of medical AI and robotics

  • To discuss some of the ethical issues around medical AI and robotics

News & Events

Latest Publications

AI applications in medical imaging
Dr Vince Varhanabhuti

Over the past few years, we have witnessed rapid advancement in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in areas from navigation, to self-driving cars, to predictive modelling of a person’s behaviour, and more recently this has been applied to healthcare. Because medical imaging has been in digitised formats since the 1980s, this makes it highly suitable for AI applications, and therefore radiology is one of the earliest medical disciplines to pursue AI applications. There are several use cases now in the medical literature. The most commonly known examples where AI has been utilised include chest x-ray diagnosis and mammograms for breast cancer screening...

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